Mothers and fathers of the world, AWAKEN to the toxicity of your laundry products! Standard, supermarket, fabric softeners are amongst the most toxic of household products on the market. They contain a host of chemicals including, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, A-Terpineol, ethyl acetate, chloroform and pentane. These have been linked to cancer, nerotoxicity, central nervous system disorders and respiratory oedema.The real smell of  these chemicals is a pungent odour, so to mask that, manufactuers add a highly concentrated cocktail of synthetic fragrances. These perfumes are described as 'mountain fresh' 'sea breeze', 'apple fresh' and so on, yet they couldn't be further from nature! Their scent is designed to 'hang around' long after washing and often contain pthalates. So they are continually inhaled through the respiratory system when smelling clothing and absorbed through the skin when wearing the clothing. Fabric softeners impregnanted into dryer sheets are also highly toxic. REMOVE them from your laundries and buy plant based alternatives. Ecologic fabric softener contains a gentle formula using the softenening properties of Aloe Vera, organic herbal extracts and the aroma of lavender essential oil. What a welcome relief!