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In the tender, impressionable teenage years it is vital we protect our teenagers from using chemical based skin care. Chemicals absorbed through the skin add to their toxic load and hormone disruption.

We are dedicated to offering Australian skin care products for teenagers that work. We want to boost self esteem, self love and confidence, during what can be a challenging time- the teenage years!

These products are not only gorgeous, and toxin free, they contain natural and organic ingredients and are packaged beautifully to appeal to teens.With teenagers of our own,  we have selected a range of products to educate young girls ( and boys!) about how to implement a simple and effective skincare routine. All without exposure to the chemical irritants found in many well known products for pimples, self tanning and personal care How refreshing!

Concerned about the use of aluminium and chemical fragrances, we have also included a range of safe and effective salt and essential oil based deodorants and perfumes. No more need to put on the gas mask when entering their bedrooms!

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