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Women, teens and even little girls, enjoy smelling beautiful. We all love to feel fresh and feminine!
Sadly most of us remain unaware that most commercial perfumes contain a cocktail of synthetic fragrances. Manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients on their packaging as they are considered 'trade secrets’.
The ingredients are collectively referred to as ‘fragrance' or ‘parfum’.

The truth is, most contain a host of synthetic chemicals including phthalates.This class of chemicals has been linked to hormone disruption, which can affect development and fertility. Although some phthalates are being phased out from some products under consumer pressure, diethyl phthalate (DEP) is still used in many products, including fragrance.These chemicals have the ability to act as potent oestrogens  in our bodies. 
They may also contain synthetic musks such as galaxolide and tonalide that have hormone-disrupting effects . These can bind to and stimulate human estrogen receptors and both musks have been shown to affect androgen and progesterone receptors. Tonalide has also been reported to increase the proliferation of estrogen-responsive human breast cancer cells. Some companies selling these perfumes are advocates for pink ribbon campaigns - wake up ladies! ( see Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website for more)

So, ironically, the very products we use to feel feminine are contributing to conditions of oestrogen dominance - PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, infertility and some breast cancers- all of which make us feel less than feminine and more like the crazy woman!

Having three daughters of my own, I see the pressure to conform to the norm of spraying these well known brands without hesitation.
When it comes to commercial perfumes, women are seduced by the packaging, the prestige, the clever marketing, endorsements by well known models or actresses and even the high price tag!
Little girls are ‘sucked into’ the hype of the fake fragrances of rock stars or fashion brands and so on. All of these are playing havoc with their hormones.

It is time to stop the madness! 

When we use these perfumes daily on our skin, the cumulative effect of the absorption of these chemicals into our blood stream, significantly increases our body burden of chemical accumulation. 

Naturally home offers a range of certified organic, safe alternatives that are a gorgeous blend of essential oils. 
The compliments I receive when I wear these natural perfumes far outweigh any I received when I used to wear the synthetics!

I believe switching to safer perfumes is one of the most important changes for women to make in their personal care range.

I am delighted to say that my girls have given my selection of these natural perfumes the tick of approval ( and let me tell you, that aint easy!)

Do it for your health and simultaneously smell divine, Naturally!

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