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Naturally home loves to cater for the whole family and we haven't forgotten about the MAN of the house.
We have a beautiful range of safe, personal care alternatives for the MAN SHED! 
Masculine, effective, beautifully packaged and 100% natural.
Perfect for every day routines or for special gifts. (Stumped on a gift for your guy?)
Ever wondered what was in the  pressure can of blue or white shaving mousse that most men use to shave daily? Ever read the list of ingredients on the packaging? What is being absorbed through those open pores when shaving?
Most are packed with sodium lauryl sulphates, chemical colourings, fake fragrances and synthetic preservatives.These all add to the body burden of synthetic chemical load and contribute to hormone disruption. 
Let’s get our men more educated on taking care of themselves! 
Ditch the aluminium, highly perfumed deodorants being sprayed near the lymph glands, the cheap and nasty face creams, the shaving cream and the aftershave full of fake fragrance!
Good hygiene and smelling clean and fresh shouldn’t  compromise their health (or ours!)
Clear out the ‘old shed’ and stock up with safe alternatives. Just DO IT!

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