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While travelling through Northern Western Australia and the Kimberley, we encountered unforgiving mosquitoes and sandflies. The itch and irritation was unbearable. Concerned by the effects of daily application of toxic chemical repellents, we spoke to ‘The Locals’ and found a fabulous, natural, DEET free alternative. Originally created by a Point Samson local in Western Australia to protect her own family, this clever, creative mother, soon became inundated with requests from friends and so decided to make ‘The Locals Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff’ commercially available. This amazing product works to repel mosquitoes and sandflies as well as soothe bites, reducing swelling and itching. Within 24 hours of us using this product, our angry sandfly bites were greatly improved. Such a refreshing and welcome discovery.
We are so pleased to now offer it to you, plus their NEW vaporisers to replace toxic mozzie coils!

'Have a good weekend and don't forget the LOCALS!'

Hate cockroaches scampering around the kitchen?

Set these TRAPPIT Lo-Line cockroach traps, catch the little blighters and break their breeding cycle. 

Kiss goodbye the toxic sprays. Yes please!


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