In the unlikely event that you receive your products and are not happy with the condition in which they arrive, we will replace them. Notify us via phone or email. If you order an item in error, or change your mind, products may be returned, (at the expense of the customer) for a full refund, provided they are in a re-sellable condition. If the item is not re-sellable at the full RRP (to the discretion of the Naturally home team) a refund will not be given.

Answer the following questions to create a simple returns policy for your store.

WHAT can be returned?
Are all your products returnable or do some restrictions apply?

WHEN do items need to be returned by?
Set the time limit for returns.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?
Tell the customer where they need to return items to.

HOW do customers return items?
Tell the customer how to return items, what documentation they need etc.

SHIPPING for returns?
Are original shipping rates refundable? Does customer pay for shipping the return?

CREDIT for returns?
Set how customer is credited for returned item.

Instore return option?
If you have brick and mortar locations, can customers return items there. Provide locations, directions and hours of operation.

Packing materials?
Do items need to be in orginal packaging for returns?