Most supermarket dishwashing liquids contain sodium lauryl sulphate, a cheap foaming agent that strips hands of natural oils and aggravates eczema. Many are also highly coloured and contain a chemical cocktail of synthetic fragrances. Murchison- Hume knows how to offer plant based formulas with style. Additionally, our Kin Kin dishwashing liquid is a superb, plant based, highly effective, chemical free alternative. This dream formula contains coconut based anionic surfactants and lime and eucalypt essential oils to cut through grease.It is hand made by the lovely Felix, of Kin Kin in the Nossa hinterland region, who has had many years of experiene in formulating. Support the small Ausie businesses rather than the big multinationals and make the swtich to Kin Kin. Simultaneously take care of your health and our precious earth. It's a WIN WIN with KIN KIN!