Supermarket laundry whiteners contain chlorine bleaches, harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances which are neither earth or human friendly. Removing them from your laundry cupboards and replacing them with plant based alternatives, (that actually work) will help to reduce your family's cumulative toxic load from exposure to a multitude of household products. Kin Kin oxygen whitener is made by Felix, a clever formulater from the Noosa hinterland. He uses a combination of sodium carbonate ( washing soda), sodium percarbonate ( oxygen releasing soda, rather than a chlorine bleach), sodium citrate, ( water softener based on citrus rather than poorly biodegradable petrochemicals), sodium bicarbonate, and lime and eucalypt essential oils. People and planet friendly, safe for grey water and septic systems and both front and top loaders. It is a WIN WIN with KIN KIN!