Most laundry detergents contain harsh chemicals with optical brighteners, bleaches, synthetic fragrances and colours. They are products we are exposed to every day, as these fragrances, (which may contain up to 100 different chemicals), 'hang around' on clothing and we inhale them long after washing. They play havoc with our skin, our hormones and our waterways. Make healthier choices for your laundries by saying NO to these products and replacing them with plant based formulas using the cleaning power of plant extracts and the perfume of pure essential oils. They are so biodegradable and safe for our environment, that the grey water can be used directly on your garden. Now that's proof of their purity! Did we mention that  Enviroclean laundry powders are made by small independent Australians, not huge multinational companies? Support the little guys making a difference to our health and our planet. It feels good.