After much frivolity and indulgence over Christmas and the New Year, many of you may have attempted the ‘FEB FAST’ detox last month. Staying ‘off’ the wines, the carbs, and the coffee is never easy, but if you’ve managed to do it, drinking lots of water and eating fresh, raw salads, fruits nuts and veges, you will now be feeling the benefits.

‘We ARE what we EAT’ is a great old saying and holds an abundance of truth. I am an avid believer in wholesome nutrition to cleanse and nourish the body to feel vital and get the most out of it. With our skin being able to absorb 60-80% of what we apply to it and our noses and lungs unable to distinguish between clean air and toxic fumes, it also holds true that; ‘We ARE what we APPLY and INHALE’. Many of us never stop to consider removing household chemicals and toxic personal care products as part of our detox plan. A true, holistic detox requires both. So, don’t forget to detox your homes! It’s one of the simplest ways to reduce chemical overload in your bodies and it doesn’t come with headaches or cold sweats.

Alarmingly, the EWG (Environmental Working Group) has identified that your home can be one of the most toxic environments you are exposed to every day. This is largely due to chemical cleaners, laundry powders and personal care products containing hidden chemicals you unconsciously chose to bring home, then inhale, or apply to your skin.

By purchasing plant-based alternatives, you significantly reduce the load of toxic chemicals you expose yourself and your children to at home. You are also choosing to live in a more sustainable manner and taking care of our precious earth. Yes please! A win-win for all.

Creating a healthier, safer, happier home, is a resolution we are committed to helping you achieve this year. Our website takes you on a room by room experience, to offer beautiful and effective plant based alternatives that easily replace the cocktail of chemicals under your sinks and in your bathroom cabinets. So, act for change! Become inspired!

We have resolved to expand our boutique range to bring you some new and exciting chemical free products, whilst remaining loyal to small independent Australian manufacturers. So look out for our website updates.

 Naturally, we wish you enormous happiness, good health and lots of laughter in 2012. Sing, dance and burn essential oils in your living rooms. It is good for the soul!