Mother's day is just around the corner and rather than getting swept up in the commercialism, I’ve been thinking about the miracles that mothers create.  The miracle of incubation, birth, the ability to nourish our babies at the breast and the deep, fierce, yet gentle love we have to keep them safe.


Some of us lose our mothers when we are young, others have the privilege of sharing a full life together, with grandmothers woven into the fabric of their grandchildren’s lives.


Whether the relationship with your mum has been a beautiful loving one, or there have been times of conflict or distance, we all share the miracle of the life that our mothers have given us. That is something to cherish.


Spending TIME together is the best gift to give your mum (or some time out!). But if you’d like to buy her something special, then we have some lovely, heartfelt gifts to help her nurture her nest, safely and naturally. Enjoy 15% off these select gifts up until Friday May 6th.


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Speaking of miracles that mothers create, I wanted to remind you about JUA perfume. Some amazing mothers in my community are performing modern day miracles in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2009, they created the charity ‘SO THEY CAN’ and have worked tirelessly and passionately to build a school which now feeds and educates over 900 children, who would otherwise be living in poverty, with no education.

(Cassandra Treadwell, founder of So They Can)


Seeing more need, they have gone on to provide a nurturing home for 120 orphaned and vulnerable children at the Miti Mingi Village. They have rescued children and babies living on an African rubbish dump and have found these children adoptive mothers. They are being raised in a family, home environment, with other orphaned children, so they will know the LOVE of a mother, not an institution.

JUA perfume seeks to raise funds to support these children. The full $25 will go directly back to this community. No red tape. No middle man – 100% return.


Help us sell the last box of perfumes we have this mother’s day, to support SO THEY CAN. Jua, which means ‘sun’ or ‘sunshine’ in Swahili, is a beautiful, fresh fragrance in a roll on sunflower oil base. The sunflowers have been grown by the Tanzanian women. Trilogy has purchased the entire harvest’s worth of oil, providing immediate, direct economic benefit and has  to created JUA to raise vital funds.They make beautiful, affordable, gifts for Mum’s handbag, with the spirit of UBUNTU. Ubuntu means that we truly receive when we give – it’s a law of nature! Click here to buy


Let’s celebrate the miracle of mothers ! Happy Mother’s Day for May 8th.

Yours Naturally,