Are you aware that every time you wash with most soaps, shampoos and detergents you are washing with the same cheap chemicals used to degrease a car engine?

Sodium lauryl sulpahte ( commonly known as SLS) is probably the most dangerous ingredient used in skin and hair-care products. SLS is a powerful detergent and attacks greasy surfaces. Because it is cheap and effective at removing grease, it is used in around 90% of products that foam, including cleansers, shampoos, shower gels and bubble baths. In the cleaning industry SLS is used as a garage floor cleaner, an engine degreaser and in car-wash soaps. It is a harsh skin irritant, aggravating dermatitis and eczema and may also result in the formation of potentially carcinogenic nitrates and dioxins. Some animals exposed to SLS experience eye-damage, central nervous system depression, laboured breathing, diarrhoea, severe skin irritation and even death. So why would you chose to take the risk and have products containing SLS in your home, when there are beautiful, effective alternatives?

We wash our hands several times daily, wash our dishes, our clothing, our hair and  bathe ourselves and our children without awareness of what is actually in the bottle. Become conscious consumers and read the labels! Choose 'SLS' free products infused with essential oils. Truly safe for you and the environment and truly divine.