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Removing chemical based sunscreens from your beach bag, is another great way to reduce your family's chemical overload. We do not need to use chemical sun filters when we have zinc based mineral blockers, that we have used safely for the last 75 years. Soleo Organics Sunclear, EcoLogical, Simple As That, Ecotan and Grahams sunscreens, are five gorgeous natural alternatives that protect, as well as actually nourish and moisturise your skin, as they have beautiful natural oil bases.

Recent medical research has identified serious concerns about the chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide and preservatives currently used in commercial sunscreens. (Read the long list of non-pronounceable ingredients!) The most alarming of these, are the effects they may be having on our hormones and the contribution they may in fact be making to some types of skin cancers. We all know we need to protect ourselves from over exposure to sun, but we do not know the long term effects of lathering ourselves and our children in liberal applications of chemical based sunscreens. Our skin readily absorbs much of what we apply to it. So why take the risk and continue to buy them when we have safe and effective alternatives?

Naturally home has searched ‘high and low’ for the best chemical free, Australian, sunscreens available. After much research, we believe we have found three of the best products - Soleo Organics, Ecotan and Grahams. These sunscreens have passed the test of fussy members of our family who hate feeling ‘greasy’ and therefore refuse to use some other chemical free brands. The EWG  gives these sunscreens the 'greenlight', with a rating of 1-Low Hazard. They are amongst the safest available on the Australian market.

Our Ecotan and Divine all natural tanning creams give the most natural golden glow and eliminate the need to use those toxic pharmacy and supermarket brands! We say YAY to that.... especially when our teens are tanning obsessed!

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